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Learn more about Alien pedals. Developed by designers. Tested by simracers. Best in the class. Period.

Alien steady pace

Rely on your muscle memory. All Alien pedals are full-sized and based on 16-bit measurement loadcell technology. Alien pedals are reliable, accurate and solid solution for your rig. Pedals behave the same way as pedals in a real racing car. No more toys. Proof? The complete bundle package weights 14,2 kg.

A quick introduction

We started Alien Pedals development in early 2020. Alien is a team based near Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, that has a huge tradition in the precision engineering and automotive industries, as well as in the racing industry. Watch this brief video, where our head of design Adolf Valášek explains what you can get today in three different styles of pedals. Alien Bedroom, Gaming and Racing

See Alien Pedals in action

You can see Alien Pedals Racing in action here. Long-term review.

The throttle provides control

The throttle provides control

After hitting the apex everything is about the throttle. The Alien throttle pedal is accurate and optional long pedal faces (included in package) are made for heel & toe technique.

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The Alien Throttle

(RACING style on the picture)

Main features of the Alien throttle pedal

Adapt throttle height and tilt

You can change the pedal height in 20 mm adjustment range. You can also adjust the tilt of pedals up to 18 degrees. Height and tilt adjustment option aplies for all pedals.

Feel the throttle

Adjust throttle stiffness from light to heavy with a knurled nut, an alternative spring or by moving the whole axis to a heavier position, further away from the pivot. Avoid muscle fatigue with the right settings.

3 travel options

Choose the short (35mm), middle (58mm) or long (75mm) pedal travel. Adjust the travel bumpstop in 1 minute. Predefined positions secure no unwanted movement of the bumpstop.

The Brake is your best buddy

The Brake is your best buddy

Braking is a royal discipline. Accuracy is essential. For example, when you drive the GT3 car into the turn 1 in Suzuka circuit or trailbrake into the turn 2 in Hungaroring.

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The Alien Brake pedal

(RACING style on the picture)

Main features of the Alien brake pedal

Brake feeling

You can choose from up to 20 different variations. From soft to stiff as hell. The Alien brake takes up to 130kg of pedal pressure. Set elastomers, spring, preload and spring stop according to your individual needs.

Alien cups on the brake rod

Aluminium cups co-create a faithful simulation of a pressurized hydraulic system by precisely guiding the deformation of our custom polyurethane bushings.


We have integrated Leo Bodnar electronics into the body of the pedal. No ugly 3D printed boxes this time around. In addition, it is better shielded from electrical interference. Jack-jack cables are easy to plug in, sturdy and replaceable.

The Clutch brings you joy

The Clutch brings you joy

What can be more satisfying then downshifting with fast clutch pressing? Have fun.

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The Alien Clutch pedal

(RACING style on the picture)

Main features of the Alien clutch pedal

Feels just like a real one

What characterizes the clutch pedal? The non-linear force, with its peak at about half of the travel and significant drop at the end. This is exactly the feeling you can experience.

Clutch adjustment

You can adjust the tilt (18 degrees), pedal height (20mm), travel (3 positions) and also stiffness with more then enough options (knurled nut, alternative springs and heavier positions). By limiting the travel, you get a more linear clutch feeling.

Connection to other pedals

You simply connect the clutch pedal to other pedals using the jack-jack cable included in the package. Plug, set and play.

5mm steel baseplate with large heel rest

10 countersunk holes to add a base plate to your rig is more than enough to prevent any flex. The Heelrest is extensive and will allow you to comfortably complete 24-hour races.

Real life racing driver OSKAR SANDBERG:

"I need a good pedal feedback in the simulator. I use every single hour in the sim to practice my real world driving, and Alien Simracing pedals give me the perfect feedback."


Who are the Alien Pedals for?

Alien pedals are designed with simracers in mind. Gamers will find them useful too – the pedals simulate the behavior of real pedals in a race car and at the same time provide consistent performance over long runs. Gaming style is much in demand for its design. But for us at Alien, functionality always comes first.

Are all styles the same in terms of functionality?

Yes, they are. Only the colors and pedal faces differ. The differences between pedal faces are not only in their design, they also have their practical significance. Bedroom style pedals are classics adapted for driving in pajamas and socks. These pedals have no holes that would be uncomfortable. Racing style is especially popular with hardcore racers, and Gaming style appeals to simracers and enthusiast gamers who love style. It's that simple. All of the 3 types are professional, high-end equipment. They do excellent work in the cockpit or in a basic racing seat.

If I buy Alien pedals and I'm not happy with them, what can I do?

You can return them within 14 days without giving a reason and we will send you your money back. We want to satisfy our customers. All of them. Of course, when returned, the pedals must come undamaged and the contents of the box must match the delivery.

What screws can I use to mount the base plate to the cockpit?

You can use M8 or M6 countersunk screws. The plate has tapered holes for the screw heads, so the plate has a flat surface even after screwing. M8 screws are included in the package.

Do the pedals come with a warranty?

Yes, we provide a 2-years warranty. We also provide pedal servicing and customer support in case of malfunctions. During several months of testing, only one fault occurred and it was a rare failure of the electronic component on the clutch. When used correctly, a defect is very unlikely. Unwanted sounds have appeared. However, they can be removed by lubricating the problematic joint, as is common with these devices. Pedals must be used in steady conditions, on dry places with normal temperatures.